We are the greatest thing EVER to hit the streets of Temecula; a fun and free, Eco-friendly ride that catches the attention of everyone we slide by. Convenient, fast, and efficient getting around in Old town has never been easier or more exciting!



How it works.

Remember grandpa saying nothing in life is free? Well sorry gramps but you were wrong! The OTS is and always will be free, just wave us down or get picked up. We will take you to your destination free of charge and sure of fun!



How can this be free?

We love that you asked. Our carts are fully electric using no fuel and emitting zero emissions. All thanks goes to our amazing partners who sponsor each and every free ride given!  (So thank them, not us!)



Why ride with us?

The real question is why not!? The three F’s should be enough to convince you; FAST, FUN, and FREE. We seamlessly pick you up and take you where you want to be and then back later after you’ve enjoyed your evening out. Our main pick up spot is the parking garage; this alleviates any worry about finding a parking spot and walking back up to it after a long night.



Advertise with us!

We are at the forefront of what we call “direct consumer advertising”, directly interacting with each rider and giving them an experience they wont forget and be sure to tell others. When out sliding the streets of Old Town all eyes are on us. This is where we thrive; this is where your business thrives! With over a combined 250,000 impressions per weekend our drivers are “on the go” ambassadors sharing your business with our riders. Not only can your advertisements be seen a variety of ways on our carts but we have options for handouts, coupons and other deals.




OTS started in September of 2018 with an idea of helping visitors of Old Town get around easier. We noticed parking was getting harder with people doing everything they could not to park in the parking garage.  So we set out to change it! With a trial month down the feedback was substantial and the word started to spread.  Our main goal is to help others, give rides and make peoples night with our experience. While doing so we pride ourselves on being the most efficient marketing tool around! With “direct consumer advertising” we promote local businesses straight to the consumer using our visually engaging advertisements on each cart and having our drivers act as a “on the go’ brand ambassador, reaching over 250,000 impressions a weekend.


We know a thing or two about parking in the area. Our sister company; All Valley Parking, is the very first permitted valet in Temecula. OTS was built on the same standards of professional customer service and the highest expectations to be the best at the services we offer.  AVP and OTS are bar none in their respective services, both started and operated by young local entrepreneurs looking to make a difference in the valley.


There’s multiple ways to advertise with OTS. We are not a billboard you miss while speeding by the slow car in the fast lane. We are not an ad at the back of a magazine that no one reads and throws away anyways.  We are not that commercial you change when there is a time out in the game. We are not an ad on Facebook or instagram people click and report as spam, to never be seen again.  We are a one of a kind experience that gives a positive perception to our riders. We are seen and used over and over and over again, subliminally being ingrained into each rider and bystanders conscience.



OTS is at the forefront of what we call "direct consumer advertising" directly interacting with riders and passer-by-ers, giving them an experience they have to share with others. Our drivers become "on the go" ambassadors for your brand, reaching people by word of mouth, making us the most effective marketing still today! 


Start Sliding Today!


There are many ways of advertising but none like this! The way we reach people is new and unprecedented, focusing on direct consumer advertising and fulfilling an experience at the highest level. Please contact for an accurate quote.

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